Welcome to the home of Hoosier Culinary Sharpening! We are the only Chef owned full service knife sharpening company in Indiana, with a strong emphasis on fine culinary knives. Whether you are a home cook or the Executive Chef of a fine dining restaurant, those that take cooking seriously know the importance of keeping your knives sharp. Cutting is much more enjoyable if done with a razor edge. To move effortlessly through the skin of a tomato or make a precise cut on sashimi-grade tuna will put a smile on the face of any chef.

As a classically trained Chef, I understand and appreciate the needs of today's culinarian. Please take a look around. I hope I can earn your business.

A Chef's knife is nothing more than an extension of their hand. It is no different than the woodworker creating fine furniture. Just as the woodworker needs their tools to be razor sharp, so does the chef in the kitchen. Whether you own a $5 throw away knife or a $1500 Japanese sashimi knife, both blades need to have the best possible edge to perform in the kitchen.

Many choose to believe that the sharper the knife, the more dangerous it is in the hands of the user. The opposite is true. The sharper your blade, the easier it is to cut and the more control you have over it. A dull knife tends to slip and grab, which will make the user lose control and cause injury. A dull knife is an unsafe knife.